Good News For Anyone Suffering The Devestating Impact Of Thyroid Problems... Especially Hypothyroid Or Low Thyroid Function:

"At Last, A Simple, Easy-To-Understand Guide
Explains Your Thyroid May Be The REAL Reason You Feel Tired, Overweight And Unsexy… Even If Your Doctor Says Your Blood Test Is In The ‘Normal’ Range!"

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

Andrew Powell

Andrew Powell

Natural Thyroid Health Expert

  1. Constant Tiredness, Fatigue and Lack of Energy…waking up feeling Exhausted even after a so-called “good” night’s sleep.

  2. Gaining Weight that you Can't Seem To Lose- especially if you do all the right things (diet, exercise etc) and yet the weight still just won’t come off.

  3. Lost Libido... that healthy Sex-Drive just doesn't seem to be there anymore..

  4. Hair falling out or thinning hair.

  5. Dry skin, especially cracked, dry skin around the heels- this one is a dead give away for Hidden Thyroid Problems.

  6. Sensitivity to heat and cold. Difficulty handling temperature changes.

  7. Feeling Sluggish, Slow, Tired and De-motivated... when your Thyroid Gland is working against you everything seems like too much effort.

  8. Raised Cholesterol, even when you watch your diet and eat well.

  9. Shoulder problems and pain across the top of the shoulder-blades.

It's not your fault if you answered yes to any of the above questions... there are millions of people around the world struggling with these symptoms and not getting any real answers from the medical system.

If this sounds like you, and you’re fed up and frustrated with not finding the answers to your problems then this may be the most important letter you read all year.

Hi there,

If you are reading this letter then chances are that you or someone you love is suffering with the above symptoms. I understand what a frustrating and debilitating impact it can have on every area of your life.

In my work as a Chiropractor and Kinesiologist over the past 10 years I have seen literally thousands of people who are struggling daily with these problems….in fact I would say there is a huge epidemic of undiagnosed thyroid problems (especially hypothyroid, or under-functioning thyroid glands) in our modern Western society. This hidden epidemic is robbing people of their energy, their motivation, their self esteem and their quality of life.

So many times I have seen people blame themselves and start to believe somehow it must be their fault- if they just exercised more, ate better, or had more willpower then maybe they would have the energy they need to lose some weight and start to feel good about themselves again. The problem is that even when they do all those things, it seems like their body is fighting them every step of the way and they make little progress. Before long they're left exhausted and frustrated...and in the end believing there must be some thing wrong with them, because the things that work for other people just don't work for them.

The sad thing is that it doesn’t have to be this way… there really is an undiagnosed problem at fault, and once the real cause of the problem is identified it can usually be easily treated with natural, gentle techniques and sometimes some simple lifestyle changes.

I saw a great example of this recently when Julie came to see me for her constant, draining tiredness. Julie was normally a busy, energetic woman who ran her own house cleaning business. Over the last year, however, she had been finding it harder and harder to get through her daily workload and found herself getting more and more exhausted. Not only that, she was also gaining weight no matter how well she ate, and her immune system seemed to be getting worse too.

In fact it had got so bad that she was afraid she would be forced to scale back her business and accept less work because she just didn't have the energy to keep up. By this point she was desperate.

After just a few weeks of treatment with some natural nutrition the change in Julie was dramatic. Not only was her energy back, but she was starting to lose weight too. She was back up to full steam in her business, and it was clear to see just by looking at her that this was a totally different woman to the desperate, exhausted and miserable lady who had first come to my office.

Julie's story is just one example of hundreds of people who have I've seen get their life, energy and health back on track all by balancing the function of their thyroid gland.

Imagine bouncing out of bed each day, feeling refreshed, full of energy and fully ready to take on whatever the day brings. Imagine having plenty of energy to focus and perform at your best all day, instead of dragging yourself through the day. Imagine getting home from work and still having the energy to enjoy quality time with your partner and kids. Imagine how great it feels to be comfortable in your slim, healthy body…no more being embarrassed to go to the beach, or get undressed with the lights on. When your metabolism is firing properly, it feels great to be alive- to be radiant with healthy vitality and energy.

Remember that feeling?

Imagine getting your “old self” back- and not just the body and the energy, but really feeling good about yourself... rediscovering your old enthusiasm and drive, as well as the normal healthy sex-drive that goes with it.

What else could you do if you had your old energy levels back?

How much more could you achieve?

How much more fun would you have, and how much more would you enjoy life?

It may sound too good to be true, but all these things and more are possible when you have a healthy, properly functioning thyroid gland.

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You see, the function of the thyroid gland is basically to regulate our metabolism. It does this by producing 2 important hormones- T3 and T4.

These hormones regulate how much FAT the body stores and how much it BURNS for energy, so having the correct balance is absolutely vital to both your weight and your energy levels.

If you have too much of these hormones then you have a hyperthyroid condition known as Graves disease. This is a serious, although fairly rare condition (it is still well covered in my book to help those who do suffer with this condition).

If, on the other hand, your thyroid is not producing enough of these hormones then you have a condition called hypothyroidism, and it is this condition which I see going undiagnosed in people day in and day out in my clinic. How many people do you know who struggle with being tired and overweight… and think it’s just normal!!! Everyday I see people suffering with this condition, and making excuses to themselves for why they feel so run-down and rotten.

“I’ve just been working too hard lately…”

“It’s because I don’t have time to exercise…”

“My diet has slipped a bit lately…if I just had the will-power.”

“Maybe I’m just not getting enough sleep…”

All of these things may be true, and all of them may be factors contributing to your health (or lack of health), but so often the hidden key to it all is the function of the Thyroid Gland. When this gland is allowing your body to burn fat to produce energy properly, it's amazing how much easier it is to take proper care of all the other lifestyle factors that are important for your wellbeing.

“But I had a blood test for my Thyroid and it was normal... If my Thyroid function is so important for my health and energy levels, why did my doctor tell me there was no problem?”

This is one that I get asked all the time. So often, when I find a thyroid problem in one of my clients I hear… “no, my doctor checked that with a blood test and it is in the ‘normal’ range.”

So how can that happen?

Well, one of the problems with the normal range is that it is very wide. This means that it is quite possible for YOUR Thyroid Function to be at the bottom of the range when YOUR metabolism really requires it to be at the top of the range for you to have optimal health and energy levels….yet you are still within ‘normal’ limits.

The other crazy thing about the normal range is that it is based purely on statistics, not on healthy physiological data. So the ‘normal’ range is determined simply by taking the average thyroid hormone levels of the population, rather than by any standard measurement of what a normal, healthy amount of thyroid function really is.

This means that if there are lots of thyroid problems in the population (which we know there are in our society), the normal range can become skewed.

This is exactly what has happened in Australia (and other areas in the Western world), where a low level of iodine in our soils has led to an extremely high incidence of poor thyroid functions (the thyroid needs iodine to make its hormones). This means that the average has shifted, so the whole "normal" range has shifted down.

So having poor Thyroid Function may in fact be “Normal”, but it is certainly not ideal if you want to enjoy a Healthy, Vital and Energetic Lifestyle!

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“So if my Doctor isn’t going to help me, what can I do?”

Good question.

Over the years in my clinic we have found there are safe, natural solutions to almost every thyroid problem. Using a combination of kinesiology, nutrition and sometimes detoxification we are able to find the real cause of the problem and take care of it for good. Usually the results are lasting, and the impact on people's lives is massive.

After seeing so many people suffer unnecessarily with these problems I decided to find a way that I could help as many people as possible overcome this frustrating challenge. You see, even if you live on the other side of the world to my clinic, this problem CAN be overcome, and usually all that is required is a little knowledge, understanding and education.

That’s why I decided to write my book “Natural Thyroid Healing… a guide to getting your energy back, losing weight and bouncing back into life”.

I have seen the information in this book turn people’s lives around… imagine the impact that getting your slim, healthy, energetic body back would have on your work, your relationships, your self esteem... in fact, every area of your life! Imagine finally being free of the endless cycle of dieting, watching your weight and constantly being exhausted, frustrated and dissapointed.

Don’t you deserve that?

In this book I have included answers to all the questions I have received over the years about thyroid problems... all you need to know about how it functions, what it does, why it sometimes goes wrong and what you can do about it when it does. I have included answers from both a western medical perspective and from a more natural, alternative perspective. This includes approaches such as Applied Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and my own years of clinical experience, seeing what does and doesn't work for people. I have also include links you can follow to find specific information, unique forms of thyroid-boosting nutrition and local experts in case you need any further help... including contact details for my own clinic if you still have any questions.

The result is a guide which contains everything that you need to know to balance your thyroid gland and get your health, energy and metabolism back on track, without any extra fluff and garbage that you don’t need. I could have padded it out with filler to try to look impressive or charge more, but at the end of the day I just wanted to give you all the thyroid knowledge and secrets that no one else out there is sharing so you can have a massive and immediate impact on your energy and wellbeing.

For example...

  • Just this natural technique on page 66 could help you drop pounds in no time… without changing your diet!

  • Eating these foods is sure to depress your thyroid function and drain your energy (page 72). How many of these are you eating every day?

  • Are you putting this thyroid-killing substance on your body everyday? Find out on page 10.

  • This vital thyroid-boosting nutrient is widely available…but only one company produces the specific form used by the thyroid gland- Just follow the link on page 68.

  • I have found this to be the most effective natural treatment technique for permanently eliminating thyroid conditions – find an expert in your area by following the links on page 66.


Let’s face it, you really have two choices. A few months from now you could be looking back and thinking what a turning point it was to finally understand why you've been feeling so sluggish and tired; how great it was to see the pounds finally dropping away once you got your thyroid gland working for you instead of against you... or you could be still stuck where you are now, still struggling unsuccessfully with your weight, still constantly tired all the time and just generally feeling rotten, demotivated and depressed.


The 100% No-Risk-To-You Guarantee

I personally guarantee that you will be absolutely delighted with my Thyroid Healing... I know how much hard work has gone into making sure it has the answers to help you solve your Thyroid problems.

If, in the unlikely event that at any time in the next 60 days you're not 100% satisfied, I want you to demand your money back. Simple as that.


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The choice is in your hands… isn’t it time you decided to bounce back into life?

Dedicated to your wellbeing and vitality,

Andrew Powell

B.Sc, M.Chiro, AK, NET


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After all, ask yourself what an Lasting Solution to your Health and Energy Problems is worth, compared to everything those problems are costing you right now?